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Finding the right community is as important as finding the perfect house. You probably can't imagine your next home without thinking about your new neighbors, friendships, or your child's new school. This is why it is important to find a Realtor who is not only knowledgeable about real estate, but is also a member of the community in which they sell homes. Being a native Houstonian and Katy resident, this is my community and I am very proud to be a part of it. Though Houston and Katy have many attractive features and forms of entertainment, the most impressive aspect is the community itself. 

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Another great community is Fulbrook in Fulshear. Fulbrook is proud to present its charming custom planned community with a small-town vibe studded with beautiful acreage homes in the heart of Fulshear, Texas. The Fulbrook community brings country life close to Houston, providing a serene natural setting that surrounds this master-planned community developed by some of Houston’s master builders. For a true sense of country living, Texas homebuyers who may be looking for new homes in Katy, TX or a new custom estate community close to Houston, Fulbrook will provide the ideal solution for your dream of small-town elegance coupled with metropolitan convenience.

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Gayle Bowen
Gayle Bowen
2877 Commercial Center Blvd. Katy TX 77494